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Yele & Tres for Shapes Decor

Yele & Tres for Shapes Decor

In this article we report what the artists Yele & Tres say about us. Multifaceted and talented visual artists with whom we had the pleasure of creating a collection together in 2021.

"In 2021 we had the opportunity to collaborate with Shapes Decor, a home textile design brand founded in 2020 by a team of creative designers based in Europe. For this collaboration, we created five different artworks: four illustrations, two with a Mother Goddess theme and two with a Modern Boho style, and one Macromia.

The Mother Goddess-themed illustrations were inspired by the ancient iconography and symbolism of the Mother Goddess: strength, wisdom and connection with nature. We have worked to capture the essence of this divine figure, using warm colors that recall the power of nature.

The two "Modern Boho" style illustrations were characterized by a contemporary bohemian spirit. Combining traditional artistic elements with modern influences, through the fusion of bright colors, abstract patterns and intricate details, we have created an atmosphere that reflects the bohemian, free and creative lifestyle.

Macromia is instead an abstract composition that recalls the essence of minimalist art. Using a combination of clean lines and geometric shapes, we have transformed a complex concept into a simple and elegant work of art. The composition was made with an experimental approach, exploring the use of negative spaces and color contrasts to create an interesting and harmonious visual effect. La Macromia is a unique interpretation of a lettering, which transforms words into an abstract work of art.

The experience with Shapes Decor has been incredibly rewarding. We were able to explore different artistic styles and create works that reflected the brand's vision and aesthetic. The collaboration has given us the opportunity to showcase our creativity and contribute to the production of unique and high-quality textile products."


Yele & Tres


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