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The 6 most beautiful spring flowers to color the house

The 6 most beautiful spring flowers to color the house

Discovering the most suitable spring flowers to color and beautify the home. Lots of ideas for making floral arrangements and decorating your home with spring flowers.

Flowers are the most beautiful expression of spring, and having them at home, very fresh, is ideal for instilling scents and colors that awaken the spirit. The choice of flowers can only lean towards seasonal ones, spring flowers that can decorate our home with different colors and enhance the environments on different occasions such as the Easter party.

The flowers of spring

Spring is synonymous with rebirth, and the symbolic flowers are undoubtedly tulips, hyacinths, amaryllis, azaleas, camellias, daisies, honeysuckles, freesias, grape hyacinths, lilies, irises, mimosas, daffodils, orchids and of course primroses.

But let's see specifically some interesting spring floral decorations that can be made both for the interior and exterior of the house.


Daisies are the symbol of spring, as well as of love, as in the collective imagination the lover by removing the flower petals questions fate about his own love story. Daisies can be grown both in the ground and in pots and are used to create simple yet fantastic floral decorations.


Tulips are among the most beautiful and colorful flowers of spring, among the first to bloom every year, sometimes still when it's snowing outside. flowers-spring It is said that in the Ottoman Empire, the tulip was a symbol of wealth and power, in fact the sultans organized sumptuous parties in their royal palaces to celebrate the flowering of the tulips, which they exhibited with great pride.

Depending on the color tulips have a different meaning. Whites are given to ask for forgiveness, yellows to give the light of a smile, reds are linked to strong physical attraction.

The fact is that, regardless of their color and meaning, tulips lend themselves to the most spectacular floral compositions, suitable for any setting, from the most classic to the most modern, and unlike many other flowers they are also very resistant and long-lasting. 


Hyacinths are very fragrant flowers belonging to the bulbous family, native to Asia Minor and the Eastern Mediterranean. 

The tubular and intensely scented flowers come in a wide variety of colors ranging from white to deep pink, from orange to red, from blue to lilac.

The scent of hyacinth flowers is so intense that, placed on the windowsill, it's like having spring and its colors and scents at home.


Muscari are small perennial bulbous plants that usually bloom with the beginning of spring.

The flowers of this plant are small and usually purple, blue or white.

They lend themselves well to impressive spring decorations. Also widely used to decorate the Easter table.


Daffodils are bulbous plants of European origin which differ in hundreds of different species. Widely used for flowerbeds, flower meadows and to adorn gardens and balconies, they are also used to create splendid floral compositions for home interiors.

Daffodils are very resistant flowers, which fear neither cold nor heat, and can grow even with temperatures falling below zero. daffodils They love direct sunlight, especially during flowering. daffodils daffodils-flowers daffodils-flowers-spring


Orchids are tropical plants and for this reason it is important to recreate their original habitat.

Orchids prefer humid areas of the house, such as the bathroom and the kitchen, however far from direct heat sources, such as direct sun and radiators, but also from drafts and air jets.

So the ideal is to find a good lighting point with intense but not direct light. According to popular beliefs, orchids were used by witches to compose elixirs of love and eternal youth, so much so that writers and painters of every century have always seen the orchid as an erotic symbol and sensual beauty.

Orchids are classy and sensual flowers that lend themselves well to the creation of chic and romantic atmospheres.

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