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Our style

The new trend for furnishing with boho chic style is to follow a single rule "here there are no rules!".

The boho chic style is a mix of a set of other styles from the Far West and the hippy movement, with an ethnic style, which goes from Africa to India passing through Morocco, and from the Nordic one. Boho chic is a very original and personal style, full of different colors and finishes, lots of green and unique pieces. Each piece of furniture must be inserted and positioned following one's own instinct and taste. The result will be a style strongly influenced by one's personality with a confident, strong and courageous character.

Bohemian is an eclectic style. You can visit a hundred boho chic houses and you would find them profoundly different from each other! This kind of furniture is so personal that it molds itself a lot on the style of those who live there. Certainly, however, bohemian décor also has recurring characteristics, starting with the color palette.

It will hardly be a minimalist house! Rather it will be full of details: carpets, cushions, plants, wall decorations. In the boho chic home you might even find some misplaced objects, but its charm is all there: it is the cheerful imperfection of the bohemian décor that puts guests in a good mood, making them feel at ease from the first minute.

Origins of the boho chic style

The origins of the boho chic furniture style can be easily deduced from the name itself. In fact, the composition of boho, or bohemian, is the movement born at the beginning of the nineteenth century, precisely of creatives and intellectuals who lived on the margins of social structures. Another word forms the name boho chic: chic, from the French which means refined elegance. It is precisely this component that made the style assert itself in contemporary life around the 2000s.

Today the boho chic style also has some contaminations from an older current, the Hippie movements of the 60s and 70s. In any case, it is a carefree and free style, capable of claiming the uniqueness and personality of each one.

With this style that we love, we want to offer you our textile design selections, our research is based on design, color palette, subjects, atmospheres and different suggestions with a single mission: the search for your personality and good vibrations! There are no rules, you just have to be guided by instinct and the result will be a detail added to your home that will always tell you about you and your feelings, a boho-style house you recognize immediately: it is the portrait of those who live there!


With love,

Shapes Decor


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $99 away from free shipping.
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