Our story

We believe in choosing a pattern and color palette to help people express their personality and bring joy into their homes. 

Shapes Decor is a new vibrant home textile design brand that offers exclusive products with a strong research and personality.

Founded in 2020 by a team of creative designers with a design studio based in Europe and outsourced manufacturing to carefully selected third party partners with high quality standards in the USA, this allows us to offer products worldwide with highly professional expert service.

Discover Our Values


For us, home is the place where you feel in harmony with what surrounds you, because your choices and your attitudes reflect who you are, your experiences and your ideas, and this place speaks of you: this place is you!

Guided by the passion for interior design and the constant search for new trends and furnishing styles, our job is to inspire you and help you create the space you love, accompanying you in choosing a product that is not only functional, but in which you will reflect every time you look at it and which will distinguish your home, feeling sure that you are in step with the times and in the right place for you!


It's an online home decor concept store where you can find different shapes and unique tastes to live in your own style. Inspired by modern boho-chic, scandinavian, mid century modern styles, it stands out for the strong personality of its fabric patterns.



We believe that everything can now be created in a more conscious way with respect for our planet, so we try to combine contemporary interior decoration with a made-to-order process to reduce industrial waste and environmental impact.



We research modern printing techniques to optimize the result of our designs and guarantee our customers products that are not only beautiful, but are also durable and practical in everyday use, also selecting the most suitable fabrics.

Why buy one of our products?

The values ​​of a small business are at the heart of what we do. Buy unique products by supporting independent and emerging designers with talent and creativity is not the only reason, our philosophy of made-to-order production is much more sustainable in its basic principle than mass production. Overproduction is not only a waste of precious resources, but above all it is avoidable. We know we can still improve by offering more sustainability in every aspect of our brand, focusing even more on sustainability is something we always have in mind. These are our priorities right now. Also, at some point, we would like to offer even more variety to our customers, but we will do it one step at a time.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love”. - Mother Teresa.