How To Decorate Your Home With The Colors Of The Earth

From terracotta to sand, from pastel green to warm shades of brown, the trendy colors for the home this year are 'earthy' and express the desire to reconnect with nature 


Come arredare casa con i colori della terra: i consigli degli interior designer

The last year, more than ever, the house has become our safe nest. In living spaces, increasingly modern and comfortable, great attention is also paid to the colors to be used on the walls. If this year the Pantone colors par excellence are yellow and gray, only the nuances that bring back a connection with the earth win at home. In fact, in 2021, the colors par excellence to use at home will be earthy ones, like all shades of brown, but also those linked to nature, like all shades of green, including pastel colors.

Nuances from the earth: the colors for the house refer to the connection with nature.

Having spent more than a year at home, our desire to reconnect with nature is stronger and stronger. This is expressed through the use of warm and natural colors, which thus allow us to reconnect with the earth, especially in spring, which has always been the season linked to the rebirth of greenery, among flowering trees and warmer and sunnier days. So here are the trendy earthy colors for 2022.


Brown, in all its warmest shades, is certainly one of the nuances that allows us to re-establish, within the home, the much sought-after connection with the earth and nature. Brown, therefore, is confirmed as one of the trendy colors. In addition, this shade is very versatile indeed. In fact, it is perfect for the kitchen, perhaps in a chocolate shade, but also for the bathroom, with a hint of gold to make it even brighter, or in the bedroom, instead choosing shades with a hint of red inside.

marrone colore casa


This shade of color, between orange and brown, helps to immediately warm the environment. Therefore, it is perfect especially for the living room, where you can choose a more salmon-like or darker, almost rust-colored shade.

Furthermore, terracotta is a color that is suitable for different combinations. In fact, it goes great with blue, but also with gray and pink.

How To Decorate Your Home With Terracotta (+Tips To Decorate With Colors)


The sand color is certainly among the most muted shades in the earth palette for use at home. This color, being soft, immediately gives a sense of tranquility and, moreover, immediately brings us back to the beautiful summer days spent on the beach sunbathing.

This shade, in the same way as terracotta, allows you to make many combinations. In fact, it goes perfectly with warm and soft colors, such as peach or antique pink, but also with green, both dark and pastel, to enhance the "connection" with the earth.

casa color sabbia

Pastel green

Among all the greens, the pastel shades are certainly one of the most beautiful and trendy for 2021. This shade, in addition to recalling the colors of nature, is perfect for the bathroom, but also for the bedroom and the living room. The lighter shades, in fact, are the most suitable to give that hint of enveloping tranquility that, often, you want to have in the bedroom or living room, the two places most intended for relaxation after long days of work.

Here too, as for the other colors, the combinations are different. Pastel green goes very well with all shades of the earth, from brown to terracotta, but also with other colors, like all pastel shades, also perfect for wallpaper, or shades that turn pink, such as salmon and the peach color. 

casa color verde pastello