7 Decoration Trends For The Autumn-Winter 2022/23 Season

Discover the styles, colors, materials and fabrics that are rampant in interior decoration and take note so as not to be left behind. If 2022 taught us to observe our home to make it more comfortable and adapt it to our needs of the moment, in 2022 we learned to pamper it to create an authentic wellness space, a place to rest and reconnect with our purest essence. Because this is its true function: to be our refuge.

This is why this year's trends have been marked by that desire to transform our home into its own, unique and pleasant space. And that will remain the trend for the autumn / winter 2022/22 season, in which interior decoration will continue to occupy an important place in our life to make our home a safe, comfortable and functional place. A need to which is added a deep desire to connect with nature inside the home.

Hence, styles like Japandi continue to gain strength, which seeks to create versatile, lightweight spaces that convey a feeling of calm and comfort. And to do so, avoid overloaded and superfluous decorations and focus on simplicity.

Something that it shares with other trends of the autumn-winter 2022/22 season, as they all seek to create tidy and comfortable spaces that invite to be used. This is the key that predominates: a warm minimalism that allows us to build useful spaces where you want to be.

Do you want to know the main decorative trends for this autumn-winter? We summarize some of the most important so that you can enter the fashion of the moment of interior decoration.

Multipurpose rooms

Multifunctional spaces have become a necessity but also a decorative trend that continues to grow. Thus, in this autumn-winter, spacious and open spaces continue to gain ground in which to carry out various activities: work, play, study, etc.

The key is to know how to separate the different environments using screens and furniture that help to differentiate all those small corners that make up the room.

Slow deco

Slow Deco was born from the need to transform our home into a harmonious and balanced place that helps us to find peace and disconnect day by day. How? Enhance a relaxing and bright decoration, based on neutral colors, natural and recycled materials and clear and flexible spaces.

Calm and style go hand in hand in this trend that continues to be a trend and is directly related to Slow Life, a philosophy of life based on slowing down to fully enjoy every minute, every person, every place.

Bold trend

The curved line returns to steal the limelight from classic minimalism in which straight lines and square shapes prevail. And it does it to soften the environments and get closer to nature, also giving a feeling of protection and tranquility.

Thus, in this autumn-winter 2022/22 season, curvilinear sofas, chairs and armchairs are back; the circular tables and shelves; and round carpets and mirrors.

Colors inspired by nature

This need to connect with our purest essence means that neutral colors like white, beige or gray are now complemented by other nature-inspired colors like green, blue, terracotta or ocher.

But what is more, bright and intense colors such as yellow, orange, red and lilac come back strongly. Ideal for bringing a touch of joy mainly through discreet decorative objects that give a touch of energy and vitality to certain corners.

Natural and sustainable materials

In this constant search for connection with nature from home, natural materials and vegetable fibers will continue to occupy a privileged place. So materials like cannage, wicker, rattan or bamboo will cease to be typical of summer and will creep into our homes this fall-winter to provide warmth.

Craftsmen ornaments

The handcrafted pieces are a must to make your home a unique place. Unique creations made with natural materials such as ceramic or clay will give a touch of authenticity and exclusivity to your rooms, also filling them with humanity.

Love the beauty of the imperfections and traces that the passage of time leaves on these unique objects by joining the Wabi-sabi.

Contrast with metal objects

Metallic details (especially in shades of gold) become essential this season to add a sophisticated touch to spaces and create contrast. Let your spaces shine with their own light and introduce metallic elements into your decoration with lamps, wall lights, handles, trays or mirrors.